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Introducing: A Breakthrough painless, drug-free procedure for the removal of nail fungus

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There is no discomfort during or after the treatment and does not require the use of any anesthetics

What's new in the treatment of heel pain?


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a State-Of-The-Art treatment for heel pain.  It is FDA approved and offers the following benefits over surgery.

Dr. Terris is one of the most experienced physicians using ESWT and was the first to use it in the State of Delaware.  Before considering  surgery, consider ESWT.  For an evaluation to see if ESWT is right for you, call us at (302) 478-1694

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ESWT benefits patients because their condition can be treated extracorporeally, meaning outside of the body. Many people know of shock waves being used to break apart kidney stones. This successful procedure lead to more research and it was discovered that non-invasive ESWT heals many chronic painful orthopedic conditions without the risks and downtime of surgery.